2023: Upcoming Events at Woking and Beyond…

2023: Upcoming Events at Woking and Beyond…

A busy time for Woking and beyond…

THE WEEKEND sees the resumption of the Winchester Women’s Series Event 5 in Leicester which will conclude the women’s season UNLESS there are other events organised by individual players on the World Women’s Snooker Tour before Christmas. 

Entries for this event close before Friday, and the player list has not yet been revealed.

Events 1 and 2, were scooped by Thai talent and World no 1 Mink Nutcharut, and then it was EMMA PARKER, who has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit, and who recently played Michael Holt in an Exhibition that won the E3, and then, a former SENIORS winner TESSA DAVIDSON scooped E4.

As we go into the festive period, Seniors Tour E4 heads to Preston. Event 3 was previously scooped at the Woking Snooker Centre by Lee Stephens – as the club members, and SnookerZone writer/member Chris Gaynor and players from the Byfleet League, ordinary members and EPSB players saw two historic 147s on Saturday.

Just before the festivities, the PowerGlide Under-14s Championship goes to Woking on December 16th.

Cuestars under-21’s heads to Woking this weekend, on Sunday at the Surrey-based club.

Sandwiched in between that is the annual Byfleet League matches which sees the Woking teams all making great strides in the Premier League with the likes of MARQUEE stars such as Jasmine Bolsover, star of the 900, Ryan Mears, another star of the 900 in the Premier Division, and Woking B and C who are top in Division 1 of the League.

Stuck for Christmas ideas? Head down to #Red in #Woking for some FUNKY SHIRTS and SNAZZY WAISTCOATS 


It is with regret that…

The Woking Snooker annual Shootout which had an inaugural ribbon last season has had to be postponed until January, but those who entered or paid in advance can be issued a refund. Keep an EYE on the Byfleet League Facebook page or contact GEORGE HEATLEY for regular alerts.

On the Byfleet League site, it reads:

SHOOTOUT 2023 Due to the busy time of year and shortage of entries the decision has been made to re arrange the Shoot out to the New Year. Date to be confirmed but likely to be towards the end of January. Apologies to all of you that have entered and were looking forward to it, for such a well attended event last year, it seems a shame to not have the full 32 on the day. To all of you that have already paid, if you cannot make the new date or don’t want to play please don’t hesitate to get in contact with George Heatley and he will refund you. If you have already entered and still want to play your name will stay on the list, anyway. Let’s hope we can fill up the event and make it one to remember. Thanks George 07598 393692

It was a success last season and was scooped by Byfleet League star Paul Morrison but was open this season to all as only a handful of non-league members got to play in the event last season.

See the Poster for details on how to get in contact if you want to reenter or enter or just want to know what’s going on…

SnookerZone looks forward to playing in the event in January and has already reentered.






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