2023: Two Global Stars of Women’s Snooker Head to Australia…

2023: Two Global Stars of Women’s Snooker Head to Australia…

MINK NUTCHARUT and NG ON YEE, (pictured in the 900) are two stars of women’s snooker who are heading out to Sydney, Australia, for the Australian Women’s Open this weekend.

With 19 entries, there is only one representative from the UK and that is Scotland’s Louise Foster, 55, as there are four groups from A – D, with Hong Kong talent Ng On Yee, who dazzled recently on the Snooker Legends 900 in week two with her magnificent 108 break under the shot-clock and 15 mins frame.

With most of the players representing Australia, now in its fifth staging, some of the biggest stars in the game such as the 12 times World Champion and 12 times UK champion Reanne Evans not in action in Oz, but, the main player from Australia Jessica Woods flies the flag for the country as one of the leading ladies in the game from that part of the globe.

Indian star Amee Kamani,  31, who did well to reach the quarter-finals of the UK Women’s Championship, sponsored by Taom Chalk, is also in the draw.

Talented Australian youngster Lily Meldrum, 15, also flies the flag for OZ, in the weekend event:

From the World Snooker website earlier this year:

Lilly Meldrum and Denise Wilkinson claimed national snooker titles earlier this month in the Oceania region. 

Meldrum halted the dominance of defending seven-time champion Jessica Woods after defeating her in the final to win the Australian National Women’s Snooker Championship held at the Commercial Club in Albury.

The promising 15-year-old – a finalist in last year’s World Under-21 Women’s Snooker Championship – began the event by winning all her group matches 2-0 as she came top of Group A and advanced to the knockout rounds.

The Tasmanian cueist then eliminated Dianne Spring 3-0 in the quarter-finals, and Julie Watson 4-1 in the last four to reach the final for the first time in her career.

Woods had won seven of the previous eight national championships; in 2017 she did not play in the event. Like Meldrum, Woods dropped just one frame en route to the title match – in the semi-finals when she defeated Carlie Tait 4-1.”

There are 11 Australian players playing in the event in OZ

Woods, 30, was in the final of last season’s Australian Open – as one of her best performances to date.

In 2020, the then 26-year-old gave an interview to the WPBSA.

Although NEIL ROBERTSON is the standard bearer of the game in the country, Jessica Woods said this back in 2020 when the world was in the beginning of a global pandemic.

She said this:

Snooker in Australia is both good and bad. We have a good open tour with many good quality players on it and the women’s game is reasonably well supported, but like many countries we don’t have many juniors coming though.

Snooker is a pretty unknown sport around here, it has only just recently been added to Fox Sport which is a pay-per-view service so it’s not really on TV. I believe they aren’t going to continue streaming it in the future as well so it’s quite hard for someone to stumble across the sport like they may for football (handegg as many people call our football), many of our tables are in services clubs which are slowly replacing the tables with pokie machines.

Like much of the world I think that we have a long way to see the game reach its full potential but I believe we can do it. Snooker is such a great game for young and old to get involved in.”

The women’s game has moved on certainly in the UK with the introduction of the 900, and the likes of NG ON YEE and a host of other talented players from the game such as EMMA PARKER, who has been fearless on the Exhibition Circuit, WOKING SNOOKER STAR  JASMINE BOLSOVER, and with the likes of senior players such as TESSA DAVIDSON, a WPBSA Coach, and with the standard bearer of REANNE EVANS, as long as the game is pushed and plugged as much as possible, the constant promotion should be welcomed.


Good luck to everyone competing in the event over the weekend. 



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