2023: Byfleet League Update…

2023: Byfleet League Update…

IT WAS the last of the local Byfleet League matches before the Christmas break – and it was a Home Derby in Division 1 of the League as Woking C, a team that SnookerZone has followed right from the start, managed to slip a piece into the Woking News and Mail when they scooped the Division 2 title under Ivan Astin, between another Woking team this season, Woking B.

Woking B are flying in pole position in the League and the Home Derby ended with Woking B giving Woking C a drubbing 6 – 0. 

Paul Bunyard has made two centuries in the League this season, and his highest is 126 this season. He made a 139 in 2011 in the Premier Division.

Kelvin Jones, Byfleet League Chairman said the record for the number of whitewashes in a season was 8. So far, Woking B has had 7 whitewashes, and with 8 weeks to go that record is sure to be surpassed. Watch this space for the final result at the end of the season…

Jones added: “Ironically, Paul Bunyard was in the 2011 Team and made the League’s highest break of 139.”

The Chairman also said that the highest number of points a team has won by was 22. That record has already been surpassed by Woking B this season, and are leading, according to the table, as SnookerZone reads it, by 34 points to Woking C.

Premier Division…

As the Premier Division also had a Home Derby, of Woking A v Woking R, the result which has not come in yet on the Byfleet League website, we will look throughout the day for the update, with which the A team has the 900 star Ryan Mears, it seems that there is a battle of the three Woking teams going on, on who can get the highest up the table and finish in the best position possible.


Woking A v Wokng R was 4 – 2 to Woking R.

#UPDATE 2: Woking A now move into fourth position in the table.

Woking R are in sixth and Woking D are in seventh. Their next matches are on January 4th.

Woking D, which has the 900 star and World Women’s no 14 Jasmine Bolsover in the team, had a 5 – 1 win.

Well done to all the Woking teams in the League this side of the season and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone, and, REMEMBER, enjoy your snooker if you play with family and friends this Christmas, and NO BULLYING. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

If you suspect someone is being bullied, or being targeted for bullying, for whatever reason, then REPORT to your snooker club, League Chairman, or the WPBSA and Jason Ferguson. They have a duty to act, and STAMP it out either through STATEMENTS on their websites, or by investigating. It is on their consciences if they don’t.


Everyone has a right to enjoy a game of snooker regardless of their standard, and no one should have to tolerate people BULLYING. Bullies are cowards who attack people because of their own insecurities. Everyone has the right to enter competitions and leagues and improve their games, and play however they see fit.

SnookerZone will act in the best interests of the community by rooting out toxic cowards and bullies.

If you hear or see it in a club, or if you have experienced it online, then MESSAGE US HERE.

Read the SnookerZone Christmas Anti-Bullying Campaign – Here…

It will not be tolerated. The toxic people will always get found out.

Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.





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