2023: A Twitchy Second Night in the 900, Day Two, Week Six…

2023: A Twitchy Second Night in the 900, Day Two, Week Six…

IRISH AMATEUR Snooker gets another major boost in the 900 from Brendan O’Donoghue…Like they say, #DaretoDream

Brendan O’Donoghue came through a scrappy and twitchy night in snooker’s fast and furious amateur snooker the 900 on Tuesday but the early forty year old was delighted to get through to finals night on Wednesday.

1997 World Champion Ken Doherty is, of course the standard bearer of Irish snooker and continues to inspire players of all ages and abilities in Ireland to chase their dreams and see how far they can go in the game by playing on the main tour and by doing exhibitions up and down the UK, as well as commentating and punditing on the likes of ITV4 and the BBC and EUROSPORT.

Although in the 900, on day two this week’s favourite on paper was Steven Hallworth, it was O’Donoghue, winner of the Irish Amateur Championship six times, who led the way as he will join the big hitters in Wednesday’s clashes where the likes of Tony Drago, 1996 winner of the British Open Nigel Bond, and former World Seniors Champion Aaron Canavan from Jersey, and, of course the fearless Emma Parker, the World Women’s no 7, who has been helping to promote women’s snooker all around the country as well by being fearless in exhibitions will play on Wednesday in the 900.


As have other World Women stars such as Mary Talbot Deegan, Woking’s Jasmine Bolsover, Tessa Davidson, and Chrissy Allwood, who has set up the WACKO Women’s Events, which Parker scooped Event One. Event Two could be held in 2024 in February.

Everyone’s talking about it, and don’t forget those colourful bright shirts from Lee Richardson, like these, as advertised in the shop Red, in Woking…

The man from Tipperary, however  joined the main professional tour around 2009/10 at a time when there was only six rankings events during the season and failed to make an impact on the main tour due to his full-time job, which restricted his practice to just two hours-a-night According to Wikipedia. 

Good luck to everyone in Wednesday’s finals. 



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