2023: 900 Preview, Week Six, Day Two…

2023: 900 Preview, Week Six, Day Two…

AFTER A CRACKING NIGHT of fast and furious amateur snooker, the drama and entertainment continues on day two of week six of the 900.

The four who lost their matches on Monday go into Tuesday with four new faces, these include…


All hoping to get into Wednesday and finish up as the week six winner playing alongside Nigel Bond, Tony Drago, Emma Parker et al in the event on Wednesday.


Eugene Hughes is another former professional, at the age of 67. whose professional career ended in 1996/7, but turned to billiards which ended in 2009.

He also won the Team World Cup for Ireland alongside Legends Dennis Taylor and the Hurricane Alex Higgins.

Jack Bradford…

The 32-year-old from Wales, a country which has a hotbed of snooker talent in it, with the likes of up coming youngsters such as Liam Davies, and, of course, the modern standard bearer of Welsh snooker, Mark Williams, comes into the event with expectations for the Welsh snooker scene.

He recently competed in the 2023 QSchool.

Bradford also has made a 147 on his CV and has played in the professional scene a lot and you can read his CV listings of events he’s competed in.



With so many talented cueists around the tour, not just on it, you could be forgiven for forgetting many players in past years who have been on and off like the see saw that is the professional circuit. Some get back on straight away through QSchool, others seem to fade into the distance, and go off to do other things such as coaching, or commentary and punditing or writing, or an entirely different work all together.

STEVEN HALLWORTH is a 27-year-old who has been on the tour and is yet another player, whom you could be forgiven to underestimate, but he, like many others has the capabilities to get back on, but it is a tough school at all ends of the spectrum of snooker. He’s been on the tour twice between 2014 – 2022. Ironically, Hallworth will be suited to the 900 as he is the quarter-final Shootout player, but expect the unexpected in the Shootout.

Hallworth was a win away from earning a two-year tour card at the EBSA Play-off, but was ousted 4–1 by Gerard Greene.

In 2022/23 season he reached the last 16 of the 2022 British Open where he beat Barry Hawkins 4–3.


Maybe a dark horse we do not know much about. He’s 52, and from the events outlined, he’s competed in the World Seniors Open Series and the World Seniors World Championship Qualifier 2.

Good luck to these four going into Tuesday.

Catch all the action on Day Two Week Six in the 900 on SKY 427 and the SPORTYSTUFF TV WEBSITE YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Music for Week six…

SNOOKERZONE remembers this song being played when Nigel Bond won the 1996 British Open.







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