2022 Vinny Ultimate Pool Champions League Update…

2022 Vinny Ultimate Pool Champions League Update…

Four-times World Champion Gareth Potts cruised through the Vinny Ultimate Pool Champions League on Monday.

The Golden Boy of pool is now guaranteed a showdown in the next stage of the event with the six-times World Champion Michael Hill, as one of the juicy lineups of phase two.

Potts said after he couldn’t remember the last time he had played The Machine Mick Hill in competition.

“It’s been a long time. I can’t remember the last time we played each other. Was it the World Championship?

Group 8 staged another tough draw of players as Potts and Jordan Shepherd, who’s been playing lots of snooker recently, were the favorites to go through, but there was also the showman The Soulman John Sullivan who gave it a good go in the rounds.

Rookie qualifier Aaron Joseph, a County player from Lincoln, was overwhelmed by the big stage of TV and started off poorly by missing the 8 ball in the first frame where he could have won his first frame in his first match. He never really settled down properly after that.

He said he was there to enjoy the occasion though and was laughing and joking with the legends of the game and enjoying himself despite not quite getting the start on TV he wanted.

Joseph played Jordan Shepherd in the first match and after the mistake of the first frame, Shepherd cruised to a 4 – 0 win.

Potts, 38, said after also about the fact he was playing a bit swifter than normal: “I made a conscious decision to come out and play a bit quicker.”

He added that you can get caught out in this format and that sometimes it was better to just get on with it – and not get caught out by the clock.

Potts joined Ultimate Pool last year and won an Ultimate Pool Pro Series event, switching from Chinese 8-ball to English 8-ball because he believed in what Ultimate Pool were doing with the sport.

From 2013 onwards, pool table retailer Home Leisure Direct announced they were Official Sponsor of Potts, and began offering coaching days, as well as instructional ‘How to Play’ video guides.

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