2022 Vinny Ultimate Pool Champions League Update…

2022 Vinny Ultimate Pool Champions League Update…

AUSSIE JAKE MCCARTNEY sailed into the last 16 stage of the 2022 Vinny Ultimate Pool Champions League on Monday – despite hobbling on a dodgy ankle.

The Aussies love their pool, as McCartney is the standard-bearer for the game in the country…

McCartney, who was playing with an ankle injury, had only returned to the UK in the last couple of weeks and had not even picked up his cue as he had left it behind in Stoke when he went back to OZ around four months ago.

According to reports, he did it by jumping off a boat!

Despite that, he managed to overcome yet another tough group with the likes of John McAllister, Craig Waddingham, who turned pro last year on the Ultimate Pool scene, and another qualifier in Jason Taggart.

The former World Team and Big Guns Champion made the commitment to come over from Ballarat in Victoria to play in the Ultimate Pool Pro Series last year!
In the last match, McCartney needed a win or a draw to book his place in the next phase of the competition.
He was not happy with the possibility of playing in a three-way six-reds Shootout as he said he would have to have put on a moon boot on.
But he joked it would be good for the viewers, but not good for him.
There are now just two more weeks to go until the 2022 champion is crowned with next week’s edition seeing McCartney, young Luke Gilbert and Shaun Storry battle to enter finals night in a couple of week’s time.
McCartney said he felt fresh despite not having picked up a cue for a period, but had been putting the hours in the last two weeks.

The Jake “Star” is back…

As usual, you can catch the Champions League LIVE every Monday on Freesports in the UK and on the Ultimate Pool website.


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