2022 Snooker Club News: Woking Snooker Focus…

2022 Snooker Club News: Woking Snooker Focus…

WOKING SNOOKER CENTRE’S No 1 match table has been re-clothed with a No 10 Championship cloth – a first.

The cloth is generally used on the World Snooker Tour events and across the professional circuit in elite clubs.

The side rails have been varnished and polished to make it a brand new table for the 21st-century snooker facilities as the club continues to move with the times. 

It has been redone just in time for the new amateur and league season for 2022/23 and players have already been adapting to the new speed cloth and the slides on the cushions.

Ryan Mears, whom SnookerZone has interviewed previously, one of Woking’s star players in the Byfleet League, who competes in the Premier Division, commented on Facebook after playing:

“Plays even better than it looks! Played one frame with Jasmine Bolsover and had a 59 on first visit after the break. Still nearly lost it too!”

He added: “Runs like silk, so fast and reactive, but the best thing about it is how much the cushions now slide. It’s very close to a Star table, and that’s without the table heaters switched on.”

If you’re in Surrey and fancy enjoying some snooker in top facilities, head down to Woking now…

Watch the SnookerZone promo on Woking below…


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