2022 Review: Snooker Ball Cleaning Machine…

2022 Review: Snooker Ball Cleaning Machine…

Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey is yet another club to have invested in this latest piece of kit, which leaves your snooker balls fresh, clean, and shiny – in mins.

SnookerZone has his own set of 1g balls and we had the pleasure of watching firsthand the machine do its stuff in just over 1 minute. Impressive stuff.

The balls came out shiny and like new.

Lots of comments on Facebook from people who have used the machine for their own tables, private and public.

You can use either the Aramith ball cleaner, or Pro Ball Shine product, which are sprayed underneath the main base, both reviewed by SnookerZone.  Links below…

REVIEW 1 – Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner…

REVIEW 2 – Pro Ball Shine


World Disability Snooker Champion David Church wrote: “Game changer. I got one and making a DIY one, also.”

See the video below on how quick it is to leave your balls in pristine condition.

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Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!