2022 Insight: How to Dome Your Snooker Cue Tip…

2022 Insight: How to Dome Your Snooker Cue Tip…

In the past…

SnookerZone has talked about the burnishing of a snooker cue tip which prolongs the life, but in this post, we’re going to briefly mention how you can get a nice shaped cue tip that’s rounded like a dome.

It’s one of the ESSENTIAL parts of any snooker maintenance, as you will be able to play better spin shots with a better reaction on the cue ball if your tip is shaped like a dome, and not too FLAT.

Some tips, despite their labels of soft, medium, or hard, can actually be quite “hard” (the edges) so you will need to soften them anyway before shaping.

Also, softening the edges means you are opening up the pores, so that chalk can penetrate better into the tip and stay on longer.

So, how do you get it?

Simple, really…

When you stick a tip on and have trimmed it, you will then need to soften the edges of the tip before burnishing, as burnishing will harden the edges.

You do this by using a TIP PICK (see image above). You can get this using the BOWTIE TIP TOOL, which is a 3-in-1 tool, which has a PICK for softening the edges and also a shaper that you can then shape the tip with.

You can either use the shaper on the BOWTIE TOOL or use a medium grade of sandpaper and shape the tip by shaping downward and twisting cue while doing so.

It’s personal preference how domed you like your tip, but with a nice rounded dome shape, you will indeed get more reaction from the tip than one that isn’t as shaped well.

Once the tip is shaped and domed how you like it, it’s time to burnish. This will prevent the edges from expanding and the tip losing its shape and prolong the life of your tip.

See the video on the tip pick below…


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