2022 EPSB Finals Weekend Gets Underway This Weekend…

2022 EPSB Finals Weekend Gets Underway This Weekend…

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THIS WEEKEND sees the return of the English Amateur Snooker finals hosted in Leeds – with a lot of action to get through, including snooker’s oldest trophy final – the English Amateur Championship. 

The English Amateur Championship final will be live-streamed and is between former professional Jamie Curtis Barrett and John Welsh in a best of 19 frames to be played on Sunday.

Welsh, in his fifties, is a Mersey-based player, and is considered a legend on the Merseyside snooker scene.

On a player profile Merseyside Snooker website, he hails his favorite snooker moment as the moment Steve Davis made the first 147 on TV.

He writes on the memory of his first 100 break: “The day I was going to play in my first ever Merseyside Championship when I was about 17-18. My Highest break at the time was 83 and I knocked in a 139 in the last practice frame before we left for the tournament. Still in shock, I couldn’t pot a ball and lost 3-2.”

He responded on a special note: “Winning the Merseyside Open for the fifth time in 2019 was very special to me as it was 34 years after my first win……”

Other final matches include the Under-21, Under-18s, and Under-14 finals with the likes of talented youngster Stan “The Action” Moody will be in action.

And the English Seniors Snooker Championships between Andrew Norman,top coach a former professional and a previous multiple winner of the EAC and Jamie Bodle, also a previous winner of the EAC will be contested on Saturday.

The action begins at 9:30 AM on Saturday at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds.


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