2021 Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup: Even the Cats Love it…

2021 Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup: Even the Cats Love it…

Ultimate Pool professional Shaun Storrey and Chris Day came through a dramatic night in week 14 of the Eative Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup on Monday.

Storrey, a winner of the Ultimate Pool Pro Series Events and his Ultimate Pro Challenger Series pal Chris Day, now a Professional for 2022, had to endure the drama of a six-reds shootout to which they won by three seconds.

They took on the very capable duo of Liam Dunster, who was in his first Ultimate Pool event and his partner Lewis McHoul, a former snooker challenge player.

Both pairs were tied at the top of the table for the first time on five points with two wins and a draw after their matches.

There’s been much debate since Ultimate Pool invented the six-reds shootout in the sense of who benefits from going first or second in the shootout.

Some believe that going first puts pressure on the opponents in second to produce, whereas others believe that putting your opponents in to bat first means you have time to consider their actions before it’s your turn.

Storrey, 35, and Day, 40, said after they had come up with the perfect break to win the six-reds shootout, and it worked out.

Storrey told Ultimate Pool after: “Glad we practiced that for hours, well, one and a half hours beforehand!”

They won with a time of 25:73 to former World Pool Champion Liam Dunster and his partner McHoul’s 28:99.

Chris Day said before the match he was looking forward to joining the pro ranks of Ultimate Pool in 2022.

On the weekend, the winners of the eight Ultimate Pro Series Events, which include the likes of former World Champion Gareth Potts, Dom Cooney, who won the biggest title of his career so far, Shaun Storry, and No 1 Shane Thompson, go head to head in a Champion of Champions style shootout, similar to snooker.

There are also three wildcards, including…

  • Luke Gilbert, who’s now an Ultimate Pro professional…
  • The Magician Chris Melling…
  • And Carl Morris.

Next week in the Pairs Cup, Tom Cousins makes his Ultimate Pool debut as he teams up with the professional number one Shane Thompson in Group 15.

A spicey one indeed.

You can catch the Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup every Monday night in the UK on Freesports Channel 64 and on the Ultimate Pool website.

Even the cats love it!


Group 14 Results

Liam Dunster & Lewis McHoul 4-0 Simon Baker & Rob Holt

Chris Day & Shaun Storry 4-0 James Jones & Lee Loftus

Baker & Holt 1-2 Jones & Loftus

Dunster & McHoul 2-2 Day & Storry

Baker & Holt 0-4 Day & Storry

Dunster & McHoul 4-0 Jones & Loftus

Day & Storry defeat Dunster & McHoul in a 6-reds shootout to win group

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