WATCH: How to play snooker (badly)

We’ve all been there, done it and worn the T-Shirt with shame. We’ve all played like it and been in the club and played like this with… A jerky cue action No follow-through An unstable bridge Fishing when down to try and find the line of aim body movement all over the place Head movement … Read more

Chris Henry’s The Balls: Review by Michael Waring…

The Balls

SnookerZone will get to review Chris Henry’s The Balls soon… However, a friend and amateur league snooker player Michael Waring, founder of  who lives 30 miles from Carlisle in Cumbria, kindly agreed to post a review of Chris Henry’s The Balls as he had recently purchased them out of curiosity. Although Michael has only … Read more

A coach that spots flaws any time of day – 365 days of year…


So, one issue I’ve been having which has been highlighted a lot since using the Cue Action Trainer or Coach CAT as we like to call it now, is the grip and gripping of the cue when cueing.  It’s an issue that many players have at one stage or another, right? The problems with gripping … Read more