How to get your confidence back: Watch and do this…

So, here’s the thing:

I had been losing confidence lately in my snooker and my mind was all over the place!

It just felt like I had never held a cue before!

Really frustrating!

I bet that has happened to you, right?

So, I decided to hook up again with my coach Brian Cox, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, and, guess what, after that two-hour lesson, I was back on it again!

So, what did he do that sparked my confidence?

Answer. He got me potting balls with my eyes closed!

Yep. It’s crazy, but it worked!

If you can pot balls with your eyes closed, then you’re gradually building up confidence in your…

  • ====>Aiming
  • ====>Cueing
  • ====>Following through the ball
  • ====>And positional play

[bctt tweet=”Try this exercise with different shots, from long pots to short ones. Try the exercise with tough balls on the cushion. Believe it or not, you’ll be surprised at how many you’ll pot doing it.  Madness I know!” username=”@chrisgaynor2″]

It gets you to trust your aiming and cueing.

Once you feel confident potting balls with your eyes closed, you’ll have less of a problem potting balls with your eyes wide open!

Also, the exercise was beneficial for positional play.

Cox said the reason I was low on confidence was that my mind was too focused on where the cue ball was going and not the object ball.

I literally had lost trust with what I was doing!

And, in this video, watch what happened! Try it yourself. 


PS: This wasn’t a fluke. Cox got me to practice a wide variety of shots in the lesson and we even made a 20 plus break in doing so!

So, now it’s your turn. 

Is there someone you know that’s losing confidence in their game and needs a boost? 

Share this post now and also tell me, what other things do you do like this when you are losing confidence? 

Get more expert tips like this from a top coach like Brian Cox 

Visit the coaching Zone now and choose a coach and then go and improve your game!!

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Spot and correct flaws quicker: Become your own coach!

Improve your game by downloading the Coach’s Eye app for iPhone so you can spot and correct your own technical flaws – now…

Do you get frustrated when you go to play because you can’t watch yourself back after so you can analyse properly and improve your own game? I bet you do, right?

When playing sports, it’s vital that in practice sessions, you can watch back what you’re doing and spot your own flaws and then correct them – every time.

Well, that problem is now solved!

Introducing Coach’s Eye for iPhone.

If you’re wanting to see on video what you’re doing up close and personal, then downloading the app will be the best fiver you’ll ever spend.

Coach’s Eye enables you to look at old, new and current videos to see what your technique was and then analyse via the app. You can see firsthand what you were doing wrong. You can even look at youtube URL videos!

In snooker, that could be a whole manner of flaws.

  • Maybe your cue arm wasn’t vertical!
  • Maybe your head moved on the shot…
  • Maybe you didn’t deliver the cue straight…
  • Maybe you jabbed on the shot?
  • Maybe you didn’t get through the ball enough?

Whatever the reason, Coach’s Eye will enable you to spot errors and correct them for next time.

How Coach’s Eye Works…

The app is like a camera, but you’re also able to import previous videos from your camera roll to watch back what you did. You can then draw shapes on key parts of the footage and pause to look at what was going on!

As you can see in the image above, you can draw shapes to illustrate key parts of your technique. For example, the red circle in the image was to highlight how much follow-through we had on the shot!

WARNING: This app should NOT be used instead of finding a great coach! It should be used in addition to having a great coach!

Meet a top coach here…

You can become your own critic of your game, but put right what you see in front of you!

Here at SnookerZone, we’ll be using this app a lot more and adding to this post a video feed soon with one of our future practice sessions.

So keep coming back to see if we posted a video…

In the meantime, search the app store to download the Coach’s Eye app now…


How long will Judd Trump Ace the Pack after 2019?

The world of snooker…

Are waiting with bated breath to find out if there really is a genuine replacement for Ronnie O’Sullivan at the top of the sport.

Judd Trump

30-year-old Brit, Judd Trump finally secured his maiden World Championship title at the Crucible in May, demolishing veteran, John Higgins 18-9 to take the world crown with plenty to spare. That performance led to seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry’s proclamation that Trump could establish a new “era of dominance” in the years to come.

Judd Trump has taken snooker to another level, says the Rocket.

That view was shared by former world number-one, Ronnie O’Sullivan, who believes Trump’s talent has taken snooker “to another level” and made the game more accessible to beginners.

It has been an incredible 2019 for Trump. Aside from becoming a world champion for the first time, he’s also bagged the UK Masters title and more recently claimed the International Championship title in China.

It’s the first time since 2008 that a player has been able to follow up their World Championship success at the Crucible by winning their first tournament of the new season. The last man to achieve that feat? None other than Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Shades of the “Rocket” in Judd Trump’s performances

Caption: Has O’Sullivan’s time at the top come to an end due to the rise of Trump?

Some of Trump’s contemporaries, like Mark Selby (pictured) have compared his game to that of O’Sullivan. Selby remarked that Trump goes for more shots than most – and that includes O’Sullivan. It’s perhaps for that reason, and his newfound confidence, that most sports books have put Trump as the early favorite for the 2020 World Championship.

Away from the game, Trump is rather more unassuming than O’Sullivan, preferring to stay out of the limelight. He’s a big Manchester United fan and has seen his team live over a period of domestic and European frustration.

How long will Trump stay No 1?

Trump was world number one for a fleeting moment in March 2013, but after returning to the summit last month, he appears to have all the technical and mental attributes to stay there for some considerable time.

There has definitely been a real shift in Trump’s mindset in recent months. Since regaining the top spot, Trump has spoken of his ambition to win a record number of ranking titles after bagging his 12th at the International Championship.

Having already won 12 titles at 29, Trump has inched his way to ninth on the all-time winner’s list. Although, he must win three times as many titles to eclipse the 36 currently won by Ronnie O’Sullivan, Trump is hopeful that the “Rocket” will eventually be in his sights if he can consistently “keep winning two, three, four [titles] a season”.

Stephen Hendry, who now spends more time playing cards than potting balls, believes Trump has all the attributes needed to dominate the sport like he and O’Sullivan have done in recent decades.

Will the strength of world snooker tour work against Judd Trump?

One player on the world circuit that doesn’t believe Trump has what it takes to dominate in the same way that O’Sullivan and Hendry have done is Barry Hawkins. He’s been somewhat outspoken about the quality of players within the world’s top 64, insisting that there are too many talented players for one player to clean up and win everything.

Hawkins said that the “competition’s so tough” that it would be hard for “one person” to dominate. Hawkins believes “there’ll be a few players winning two or three tournaments a season”. If Trump can do so regularly over the next decade, he might overtake O’Sullivan’s record and cement him as an all-time snooker great.

If Trump manages to eclipse O’Sullivan’s rankings title record, it will have been a hugely entertaining era for snooker. Trump is one of the most talented break-builders in the game, having already racked up over 600 century breaks in his career.


At the tender age of 14, Trump’s talent came to the fore, becoming the youngest player to make a competitive 147 break at the World Under-21 Championships. If there is one player that could usurp O’Sullivan as snooker’s most precocious talent, it’s Judd Trump.

This is a sponsored post from Florence Marceau


Scan the QR code to stay in the loop with SnookerZone – now…

If you have a QR code app, you can now scan SnookerZone on your mobile to gain access to all our content on the go, and stay up to date with what’s going on.

As you’re probably aware, SnookerZone has been going through a bit of a redesign and change lately. We’ve still got some minor changes to make but we’re almost there!

For those who don’t know what a QR code is, it’s a bar-style code which contains information within it and when you scan it, a link to something will appear like magic! You can link to websites, social media, or an email address, or anything you like!

Our QR code links to our mobile site which is slightly different to our desktop version.

To scan the SnookerZone QR code, you will need to download either on your iphone or Android device a QR code app. We use QR scanner for the iPhone.

Just search QR code scanners in google and there’re loads!


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Become fearless using the rest, every time…

Using the rest in snooker…

Can be a tricky tool to use when you first come to play.

When I first started, there were two things I kept doing that hindered my play with it…

A) I wouldn’t extend my arm enough to get through the ball.

I’d jab!

B) I’d hold the cue at the end, meaning I’d slip on shots!

And It was frustrating missing easy shots with it. 

I bet it is for you, right? 

That’s until I had some coaching with a coach and learned a few simple tips with it. 

Now, I’m fearless about it. And can even say I enjoy using it. 

You will too.


You’ll also find, when you miss, you won’t be as frustrated, because you know and can accept that you might miss sometimes with it. We all miss shots. 

All it takes is learning a few simple tweaks to technique, (plenty of confidence and practice) and, away you go! 

The rest needn’t be something to fear. 

And, your pot success rate with it will go up and up!

Just follow these six tips below that will help you get started the right way with it!



CLICK to watch some rest tips in this video below with Nic Barrow…

six handy tips you can get started with straight away to improve when using the rest:

  • When you get the rest out, adopt your normal standing position as you would as if you were standing with your cue.
  • Once you’ve seen the potting angle, slide the rest (and your cue) onto the table onto that line with your cue on the rest. Hold the rest down firm with your opposite hand and make sure it’s solid and won’t slide around the table.

Remember to not hold the cue with your fingers at the very end – let the badge show.

  • When you grip your cue, ensure your first finger and thumb are wrapped around the cue and that the badge logo of the cue is showing. This simple grip is vital as it will give you stability. Don’t hold your fingers at the very end of the butt!



  • Make sure the rest head is not too far away from the cue ball. You want to have it one and a half hands away from the cue ball. Enough so you can follow through as you would on a normal shot without the rest. Practice moving the rest close up and even touching the cue ball to get a feel of how far the rest is from it! That’s the only way you’ll know how close the rest is to the cue ball.

Be consistent…

  • When feathering your cue along the rest, it’s important you adopt the same consistent featherings as you would a normal shot. For me, that’s normally three feathers and then a nice pause at the end. Get a feel for the cue moving up and down!


  • Make sure your eyes focus on the cue ball during this phase. It’s vital that you know that you are striking the cue ball where you’re aiming! Look at the end to the object ball, and then deliver.

Remember to extend your cue arm fully on delivery!

  • Finally, extend the arm on delivery! As the fingers open, the arm WILL NATURALLY EXTEND. Don’t jab! You want to extend the arm as smoothly as possible and watch the ball to the pocket! What happened?

Do this simple practice at home: watch the video below…


Even if you can’t get to a snooker table, there are still ways of practicing with a rest at home.

Buy a rest or rest head…

SnookerZone does this regularly on the kitchen table. It includes buying a rest head, and if you’ve got an old cue, hooking it up and using it as the rest for the practice. Simple, eh?

Build confidence…

All you need to do is imagine you’re on a snooker table on the kitchen or dining table, and practice cueing through with the rest and cue. 

Even something as simple practice as this can make a difference when you go to play on a snooker table. 

To summarise the tips: 

  • Use a solid two-finger grip on your cue with the badge logo showing
  • Hold the rest down firm so it’s stable on the table.
  • Have a nice pause in your cue-action as you would normally
  • Remember, the rest is your bridge hand so think of it as so: it needs to be stable
  • Keep the rest head at least one and a half hands from the white so you’re not too close and foul the shot!
  • Extend your arm and open your fingers and follow-through on the shot like you would on a normal shot!
  • Keep the body still.

You can buy a full rest below…

Search rests or rest heads snooker on amazon…


Enjoy your rest play! 



Learn and practice the #1 rule to potting more…

When you’ve planned what shot you’re going to play, and focused on where you’re going to strike the cue ball, and decided that you are lined up right on the shot, you can then focus on delivering that cue as straight as humanly possible when down on the shot!

Hone that muscle memory and become one of the best cueists down your club!…



What tip hardness do you love? Vote now…

SnookerZone wants to know what your preference of tip hardness you love. We used to love soft tips but since trying the Century G5 and Grand hard tips, we now love harder tips!

Just vote in the poll below, and share so others can vote too!



Reach those awkward spots MUCH easier – EVERY TIME…

Hey there,


You’ve just potted a ball and the cue ball rolls tight up on the right side cushion. You need a rest, but you can’t get to the cueing angle very well. Your mate is thinking: He’s going to miss this.”

But, acting cool, you go to your cue case and whip out a handy little implement.


The QRite Rest head…

This handy tool is ideal for those awkward places on the table where you need a bit more elevation and more stability to play a shot.

Just simply attach to one of the rest heads and make sure it’s stable. They do wobble sometimes as they don’t all fit cosy on all rests, so make sure it’s stable before you play a shot!

Reach those awkward spots on the table EVERY TIME you get into a tricky position!

Get started now!

It’ll get you out of those tricky spots, and, your cueing will be easier…

Your mate claps his knees when you pot an awkward shot using this neat little implement and you end up landing bang on position for a colour. Phew! Those nerves of steel there held together on that shot!

The benefits:

  • Slips easily in your cue case…
  • Doubles up as a cue tip protector…
  • Easy to slip on rest points…
  • Gets you out of those awkward spots and impress your mates with your little gadgets!…
  • Costs under a fiver!

Get practising with yours now!


Del Smith from also has reviewed the Bi Bridge Rest head, an upgrade to the “ordinary” QRite Rest head!

See video below

Watch the demo of the upgraded version…

Guangzhou to host 14th Successful 2020 Billiard Expo…

Next year, China will host the 14th Billiard Expo with 600 booths showcasing the future innovations in snooker and pool.

It’s expected that 12,000 Chinese visitors and others Worldwide will turn up to view what’s going to be new on the market in 2020.

The 2019 edition of the event, held in May, was viewed as a resounding success as many of the brands who pitched their “tents” up vowed to return next year for the 2020 edition.

Some of the top snooker brands on show included the likes of renowned cue maker John Parris, whose cues are much regarded from the professionals of the professional snooker circuit. Others included Paul Roberts, the maker of Stamford cues. There were also the makers Taom and the successful Taom chalk.

Said the Billiard Sports Association of Thailand representative: “The GBE 2019 is, without doubt, the biggest Billiard Sports Fair in the world that gathers many world-leading billiard sports brands and products which generates global awareness and development of the Billiards industry on the yearly basis. As our first visit to the fair, we were very impressed
and would recommend cue makers as well as snooker fans in Thailand to participate and visit next year at GBE 2020.”

Some of the World’s top billiard players also put on exhibitions at the 2019 event including pool player “Magician Efren Reyes.

And, one of the long-standing exhibitors CPBA, a renowned maker of billiard clothes, teamed up with a founder of the multi-level leather cue tips company Moori, and Mr Moori, the founder was the special guest at the event pitch with CPBA.

The event will be hosted in May from 10th – 12th.

For more details, visit the GBE exhibitions website here…