Make Potting Easier Using the Pocket Sniper Magic Snooker Tool 2 in 1

Are You Struggling to Pot Balls on the Snooker Table? Then Fix Your Potting with this Simple Two in One Training Tool and Make Learning Potting Angles Easier...

You’ve seen how the up and coming Ghost Ball Potting Aid by WPBSA coach Rob Reed works

Now check out…


Magic Tool: The Pocket Sniper Front Cover



This simple magical tool from makers in Germany is very similar to the Ghost Ball Potting Aid.

Later on, SnookerZone will give you the verdict on which one is best for you to buy by giving you the lowdown. But first…

Now, here are the similarities between the two products:

  • They are both small in size and enable you to fit the product into your pocket, your snooker cue or ball case!
  • They both have a similar design – except the Pocket Sniper is white when it comes to the Ghostball circle.
  • They are both based on the  Ghost Ball theory, but the Pocket Sniper sounds that bit more appealing name wise!
  • They both explain the object of potting the ball by aligning the cue ball at a particular point into the circle of contact where the cue ball and object ball meet.
  • And, they both are simply designed for the beginner to explain how to pot balls…

What’s Different with the Pocket Sniper Snooker Training Tool? 

Firstly, there are two plastic Ghostball sheets instead of just one. One is the simple version and one is a version which has the angles explained on there (see pic).

Version 1 of the PS is the simple ghost ball version. Version 2 is the angles version…

In snooker, you will learn that there are four main angles which enable you to pot balls.

They are;

  • The 1/4 ball pot
  • The 1/2 ball pot
  • The 3/4 ball pot
  • And the 1/8 ball pot

If you can recognize these angles on a snooker table, then you are one step on the road to becoming a good potter.

It’s essential to be able to recognize these once you have gained confidence with potting straight and just off straight balls. The Pocket Sniper tool has essentially two levels of learning.

  • The Ghostball method – this is the simple method of the training aid which explains to you how to pot the ball using the Ghostball method! As you can see in the image below, it’s a card with lots of detail on it…



The Pocket Sniper instructions for the Ghostball method…
  • And the 3 Cut Method!
Explaining potting angles using the 3 Cut Method…


In the 3 cut method, the card in the image above shows you where the cue ball and object ball must meet in order for the object ball to go into the hole! This part of the training aid is for the intermediate player who wants to understand potting angles better. This is similar to Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame product.  Rob Reed’s Ghostball Potting Aid is for the absolute beginner, whereas the Pocket Sniper is for the beginner/intermediate market, as is Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame, which is more for the intermediate player rather than the beginner!

Pocket Sniper Routines: 

In the training aid package, there is a selection of basic drills the player can do which can help them get used to playing with the aid. For example, there is the simple potting a black off its spot from different positions by positioning the PS and simply doing what it calls “endless blacks.”

Pocket Sniper: Initial Reaction….

On initial reaction, having seen and tried the Ghost Ball Potting Aid and now the Pocket Sniper, SnookerZone is more inclined to recommend the Pocket Sniper, purely based on the fact there is more detail in the PS package than in the Ghost Ball Potting Aid.

However, Rob Reed’s product is, in my opinion, designed for the absolute beginner who may well just want to gain confidence in potting a few “easy” balls before moving onto the technical aspect of learning potting angles. If you’re a complete beginner, I’d opt for Rob Reed’s product. If you’re looking to push on and learn angles – then use either the Pocket Sniper or Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame.

The Pocket Sniper is easy to use and requires no effort to set up!

Here’s a brief demo of the Pocket Sniper in action:

Advantages of the Pocket Sniper

As with the Ghost Ball Potting Aid, you can:

  • Carry it around in your pocket, cue or ball case easily
  • Practice with it whenever you need to
  • Learn to train your eyes on where the contact area/point is on the object ball
  • Learn potting angles simply and clearly
  • Be confident in potting balls and feel like you’re improving your potting

As SnookerZone has said already in previous reviews, many of these training tools are ONLY useful if you are able to deliver the snooker cue in a straight line on the line of aim you’ve selected. Potting in snooker is about two things:

  • Good aiming, and…
  • Straight cueing…

Without one or the other, you won’t pot balls. So, please, practice your cueing as well as your aiming, and you’ll be potting them off the lampshades! To help practice your cueing, try the Blade Cue Pocket Trainer here...


Go get the Pocket Sniper on eBay, here, or, enquire to Cue Sports Yorkshire, here on their Facebook Page

PS: It’s cheaper on Cue Sports Yorkshire! Click the image below to go to see if they have any left in stock. Last time SnookerZone enquired, there were 8 left…

Enjoy your snooker!